Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Is Debby Schlussel Just Plain Nuts? My Past Articles Support This Probability.

Debby Demento
Debby Schlussel made quite a stir this past week when she implied that she had been sexually harassed by Sean Hannity.  This set liberal mouths to watering, as they saw another conservative scalp to pin on their wall -- this after silencing Bill O'Reilly for alleged similar acts.

Debby Schlussel is a Jewish and allegedly, conservative, blogger who often attacks other conservatives, accusing them of plagiarizing her website, of pepetrating scams and other crimes.  Given her past behavior, it is not at all surprising that she would make another outrageous and false allegation against a conservative she has attacked in the past:  Sean Hannity.  She is a loose cannon.

Back in 2010 I posted an article called "Is Debby Schlussel Just Plain Nuts?"  In that article I described how she had attacked Sarah Palin in over-the-top comments, and also noted that she had fixed her sights on Sean Hannity.  Click on the above link to read that post.

In another 2010 post, I described Schlussel's outrageous claims against other conservatives.  That post was titled "Debby Schlussel:  A Study In Strange Behavior."  I link to other sites that further describe her errant ways.

Finally, I had a post about Schlussel called "Debby Schlussel:  The Train Wreck Continues."  In that post I advise Debby Schlussel to "seek help."  I was referring to professional, psychiatric help.  

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